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I’ve seen a handful of dumb climate science denier memes that need to be put down. Other bloggers, most far more qualified than I, have done so as well. (The folks at SkepticalScience and Sou at HotWhopper are great at that–I could name a dozen more. I need to put up a Resources sidebar.) But most debunkings I’ve seen are A) really short, B) really technical, C) a few years old, or D) some combination. There are also many that are none of those things, and are damn near perfect. Still, I’d like to try my hand at penning a few.

There is, for instance, something about the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and the Little Ice Age (LIA) that gets deniers all in a tizzy. Then there’s the Younger Dryas or the Late Holocene. Oh, and what about the 1930’s? These are all examples of, “Climate is always changing! So what if it changes again?” Well, it matters, and we’re doing it this time, and we should lay that out.

We’ve also got conspiracy theories about NASA’s and NOAA’s eee-vil adjustments and how they hide something something mumble something. Most deniers can’t even name a single “adjustment,” though they know they hate them. A few know catchphrases like UHI or ARGO or infilling, but seldom have a clue as to the issues involved, except that it amounts to a conspiracy to alter the data. Deniers love to raise these conspiracies to explain why they don’t believe in global average temperatures. Oddly, deniers are just fine with global average temperature records when they’re talking about the MWP or the LIA, but whatever.

Recently, a few deniers have been caught believing in La Ninas that eat El Ninos, and a zombie “pause” about to come back from the dead, and stepwise warming that’s really entirely natural. I do get blank stares sometimes when I ask dumb deniers what they think the world would be like if the atmosphere held no CO2. That could be worth a spin.

So there’s a list of items I’m working on, in no particular order. Stay tuned….



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